The food we use is produced by ourselves, that means a lot of fresh food, so a lot of preparation time in the kitchen scrubbing, peeling and cutting vegetables and fruit no ready-prepared packs just waiting to be opened and cooked. It also means the cooking has to be adjusted to what is available and in season.

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Lunch at the restaurant consists of hot soup and a sandwich buffet with fresh vegetables, salad, cheeses, ham, salami, and fruit. A packed lunch can be provided on request.

At all our Vacation Inn Hotels we offer dishes or a possibility to choose from our ordinary menu to 50% off (half portion). All year round! To be sure of what the options are at your hotel, please check your hotel’s information. We serve hot and cold drinks (non-alcoholic), including sustainable coffee and tea, soft drinks, fruit juice together with your meal.

We strive to make meals that are far from the institutional approach that others might expect from such a high-volume food production facility. In fact, our team works hard to achieve a home-cooked meal experience and to offer food choices that appeal to clients. Menus are planned a month in advance, with adjustments made based on the availability of new and fresh ingredients as they become available.

Our menu is available at most of our hotels during summer and selected periods


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